Priority One Fire and Security | Evansville Fire Protection Company

P1FS is a fire protection company that delivers quality fire protection services and solutions to our customers. This is accomplished by the focus and delivery of our core values: integrity, commitment, professionalism, quality and safety.



Quality solutions for the protection of LIVES and PROPERTY, and providing an exceptional value to our customers.



Integrity- We can be trusted. We build trust by being people of integrity by doing the right thing, and providing quality and excellence.

Quality- Quality drawings, quality solutions, quality ideas, quality of our employees, and the quality jobs we produce.

Safety- Our employees work in a safe, drug-free, and risk free environment where they can go home at the end of the day, the same way they came to work that morning.

Professionalism- It is exemplified in the way we treat our customers, employees, peers and conduct business.

Commitment- Commitment to the company, your projects and our customers.