What are you risking by not ensuring your business is secure from fire or theft? You'll find out after it's too late. Call Priority One Fire and Security in Evansville Indiana today for your free onsite analysis.


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We don't cry wolf.

Is your company's current fire security system always throwing false alarms of a fire? If so, you need to contact us today to learn about our products that only send out fire alarms when there is an actual fire. Our system will let you know when there are shorts or faults in wires also. Watch this short video to learn more about our product.



Chances are you probably haven’t thought much about your fire alarm system lately. Unless there was a fire event or the local fire safety inspector has made a visit, your building’s fire alarm system is out of sight, out of mind.

We service and repair fire alarm systems. If your system is less than perfect, contact us today for your free onsite quote. From PMA agreements tailored to fit your life safety inspection needs to troubleshooting complex system problems, we offer solutions to keep you up and running and in compliance.

Does my business need access controls?

Access controls allow you to give access to your employees to difference sections of your company. This helps to keep only authorized personnel in restricted areas. There are several different ways you can set up access controls. The most popular are used with smartcards or passcodes.

  • It’s difficult to duplicate electronic keys
    • You cannot simply copy electronic keys the way you can copy a physical key. This makes your building much more secure then it would be with physical keys.
  • You never have to change the locks
    • As a business owner, you don’t have to spend costly revisions when you need locks changed. If a key card is ever lost, all you have to do is delete it from the electronic database.
  • You only have to remember one key
    • Many doors within a company require a separate key for each door. With access controls you only have one key. It can be programed to gain access for only authorized employees.